Drivers: We will pay to avoid public transport

Motorists would prefer to pay car park costs rather than have to use public transport to get to work, according to a new survey.

Car supermarket firm Motorpoint found four out of five drivers would pick up a bill for travelling in rather than hop on a bus or train.

According to the company’s managing director David Shelton, a number of people pick up vehicles with work-use in mind.

Drivers simply do not think that the services on offer are good enough, he added.

Mr Shelton said: "Unless this poor perception of public transport changes, our customers are going to be left without a real choice and may be forced into paying an unwanted tax."

Earlier this year, motorists in the UK registered their displeasure at government plans to introduce a road-charging system.

Some 1.8 million people signed a 10 Downing Street website petition against the move.


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