Drivers ‘want more police on the road’

The number of police patrols on the road appears to be a chief concern for motorists, with a survey revealing that the first action many drivers would take if they were prime minister for a day would be to increase police presence on Britain’s roadways.

An American Express poll of 10,000 people found that more police patrols would be the top priority for drivers, followed by an improvement in public transport to reduce traffic.

Third in the list was the imposition of more severe penalties for motorists who drive without tax, a licence or insurance.

According to American Express, one in 20 cars is driven without insurance and these drivers cost insured motorists up to £30 a year in additional premium costs.

"The uninsured driver poses a risk to every insured driver – not only is there the extra premium cost, but there is the risk of being involved in an accident with them," said Joanne Field, marketing manager for American Express motor insurance.

"Whilst many of our respondents felt that more severe penalties would help tackle the problem others suggested increasing fuel costs to include insurance coverage."

The majority of people polled by the company confessed to some bad driving habits, with 90 per cent saying they use their car when the weather is bad, 81 per cent saying they drive while tired and 47 per cent admitting to using their phone while on the road.


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