Drivers ‘too slow’ to adopt green driving attitudes

An expert has expressed disappointment after observing that Brits are adopting green driving attitudes "too slowly".

While used-car dealers have reported greater consumer interest in environmentally-friendly used cars, Jason Torrance, campaigns director at the Campaign for Better Transport (CBT), thinks this new mentality could be as much to do with the credit crunch as a desire to help the global climate

Mr Torrance is aware of recent RAC statistics which suggest that more people are driving in an environmentally-friendly way but pointed out that the research also found that "four of the top six rated good green behaviours are amongst the least frequently practiced".

He said: "Behaviour is changing by drivers but all too slowly and that is due in the main to lack of government leadership in providing adequate and attractive incentives to enable people to reduce their speed, use public transport or to not have to travel."

The RAC survey found that 77 per cent of drivers claimed they would purchase a more environmentally-friendly car if the government provided better tax incentives.

Written by Suzie Kay-Horn


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