Drivers ‘sidelined by increasing fuel costs’

The increasing cost of fuel is resulting in more drivers opting not to take to the road when they can, it has been claimed.

According to Motorpoint, people are choosing to leave their vehicles at home rather than pay more than £1 per litre – the amount reached in November.

The company commented that two-thirds of the cost of petrol is made up of tax and that December saw protests from hauliers, farmers and motorists against the government’s decision to sustain fuel duty.

However, Paul Winfield, the firm’s operations director, states that there are still savings to be found.

"It is possible to keep fuel costs to a minimum by shopping around. … On the day we checked, [local]prices for a litre of unleaded fuel varied from 99.9p to 113.9p – a staggering difference of 14p," he said.

Supermarket giant Tesco last year issued a public apology to drivers in national newspapers after its petrol was found to be contaminated.


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