Drivers should take note of Anti-Bullying Week

The RAC foundation is urging drivers to make a note of Anti-Bullying Week in their diary.

The week starts today (Monday, November 17th) and is an opportune time for motorists to review and, if necessary, modify their driving behaviour and habits.

It was in the 1990s that the term ‘road rage’ was first coined to describe driving-related losses of temper. The phrase became so popular that it became the title of a top-ten hit for the Welsh band Catatonia and, sadly, is still widely-used today.

The RAC believes that being over-confident about driving abilities and the rules of the road can lead to a series of disastrous and dangerous actions.

An example of a high-risk flashpoint is when a temperamental-tailgater meets a middle-lane hog.

Similar situations can arise when drivers and other road users become unsure of each others’ intentions.

Escalating stress levels can cause more vulnerable road-users, such as pedestrians and cyclists, to feel intimidated.

A sound knowledge of the Highway Code can help Anti-Bullying week be a raging success.

Written by Trevor Coffee


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