Drivers ‘hit road to rock out’

British motorists have named their car ahead of nightclubs, festivals and mp3 players as their preferred place to listen to music, according to new research.

One in three drivers takes to the road in order to indulge in guilty pleasures away from family and friends, according to a poll of 1,200 drivers by Vauxhall Motors.

The automaker also found that 26 per cent of men believe a passenger complaining about a driver’s choice of music is "bad etiquette", while 20 per cent of women feel the same way.

"Drivers enjoy the freedom to listen to what they really want to hear thanks to their car. Not even we anticipated the emerging trend of cars being the place to secretly stash your guilty pleasure songs," said Simon Ewart from Vauxhall Motors.

However, the latest revision to the Highway Code has stated that loud music, along with smoking, can be a dangerous distraction for motorists.


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