Drivers have mixed views on car colour safety

A survey has been carried out on the opinions that motorists have on the relation between the colour of a car and how safe it is – revealing mixed views among drivers.

Red cars were voted as both the safest and the most dangerous, with 23 per cent of people regarding red vehicles as the lowest accident risk and 35 per cent considering them to be a high risk.

Black was found to be the next most dangerous colour for a car, with a 29 per cent vote, followed by white (ten per cent), grey (nine per cent) and silver (seven per cent).

White also featured in the list of safe cars, with 21 per cent of the vote, followed by silver (17 per cent), blue (15 per cent) and black (13 per cent).

Paul Purdy of said: "From an insurance point of view, we make no distinctions as far as colour is concerned."

"However, darker colours such as black, red and dark blue are probably less visible than white or yellow cars, although this will depend to some extent on environmental conditions – white cars are not particularly visible in snowy conditions."

Scientific studies have been carried out on the relation between car colour and safety and, while they did not reach any definite conclusions, they suggested that lighter colours could be less at risk of accident than darker ones.


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