Drivers ‘can save 25% on fuel bills’

Motorists can cut their fuel bills by a quarter if they improve their driving skills and keep up with car maintenance, according to Car Parts Direct.

Driving in a smooth and consistent fashion can reduce fuel consumption by more than ten per cent in urban areas, while good gear changing can save a motorist up to 20 per cent in expenses, the mail order company claims.

Tyre pressure should be checked every fortnight, as under-inflated tyres can incur an eight per cent rise in fuel costs and over-inflation can reduce tyre durability.

The RAC states that up to 90 per cent of vehicles on the road have incorrect tyre pressures.

Drivers should also be as efficient as possible, according to the study, by turning off air conditioning or heating when it is not needed and avoiding excessive idling of the engine. Savings can also be made on petrol if motorists are willing to shop around.

Mark Cornwall of Car Parts Direct said: "Lots of motorists complain when the cost of petrol or diesel increases, yet most drivers waste fuel every day as soon as they step into their vehicle.

"Most of what we recommend to our customers is common sense. It’s good for the motorists and the environment. The only real loser would be the taxman who takes a hefty 60 pence from every 90 pence we spend on a litre of fuel – that alone should be enough to encourage motorists to be more frugal."


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