Drivers asked: ‘What will be the fuel of the future?’

In years to come what will be the fuel that powers cars driven away by new customers from used car showrooms? has asked the same question of 1,025 visitors to its site with ‘electricity’ being the most common answer, polling 40 per cent of the vote.

Faye Sunderland, editor of TheGreenCarWebsite, said: "Electric vehicles offer a comparatively ready way to begin running greener cars. While there are issues with the time it takes to recharge, driving range and heavy battery technology, there are already electric vehicles running happily on our roads."

Gordon Brown should be pleased by the result as he wants all new cars sold in 2020 to be electric or hybrid (the latter finished third in the poll with 12 per cent).

Hydrogen was runner-up in the poll with 28 per cent of the votes. fuelled vehicles can be instantly Whereas electric vehicles need a waiting period to recharge, hydrogen-fuelled vehicles can be instantly recharged.

Biofuels such as algae and biomass could only gather nine per cent of the vote.

Written by Trevor Coffee


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