Drivers advised on how to cut their emissions

British motorists could be adopting a number of methods that could both save them money and reduce their impact on the environment, according to car and motorbike manual producer Haynes.

Firstly and perhaps most importantly, drivers should heed the driving limit, as driving at 80 or 85mph can cost up to 4p more per mile than driving at 70mph.

Certain features and facilities, such as air conditioning and electrical devices, should be switched off if they are not being used, as they run off the engine and can cause unnecessary expense and emissions.

Car owners should always try to ensure their vehicle is in good condition, according to Haynes, by getting it regularly serviced and verifying that it is functioning at full efficiency.

Certain practices can be also carried out individually, such as tyre pressure checks, and can have an effect on how well a car is running.

One fairly significant lifestyle change that many drivers can make to save themselves money and help the environment is to simply avoid using their car wherever possible.

Haynes states that the majority of vehicles are inefficient on short journeys so, wherever possible, people should walk or use public transport to reach their destination.


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