Don’t forget to haggle, buyers told

People considering buying a car have been informed that they could save themselves a tidy sum if they haggle over the price of their new vehicle.

According to WhatCar?, a buyer who haggles can save over £1,500 on the price of a new automobile.

Sainsbury’s Bank reveals that between March and August this year, 386,000 people planning to buy a new car will miss out on this saving as they will not haggle over the price of their vehicle.

These people will therefore be overspending a total of £611.81 million.

Of all of the prospective car buyers surveyed by Sainsbury’s, only 55 per cent said they would haggle ‘aggressively’.

With such substantial savings to be made, Steven Baillie, loans manager for Sainsbury’s Bank, said that once people have decided on the car they want to buy, they "need to be prepared" to negotiate over the price they pay.


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