Don’t fall for ‘the myth’ of reducing tyre pressure in the snow

Tyre retailer ProTyre has urged drivers not to fall for the myth that you should reduce your tyre pressure to drive more safely in the snow.

The company stressed that “this can be both illegal and dangerous”. It recommends that all tyre pressures should be maintained according to the manufacturer’s recommended pressures, which must be stipulated in the vehicle’s handbook.

5 Top Tips for driving in snowy conditions

  • Always apply your brakes gently. Release them and de-clutch if the car skids.
  • It is good practice to drive in as high a gear as possible to avoid unnecessary wheel-spin.
  • When a car does get into a slide, don’t forget to keep off the brake, clutch and the accelerator until the vehicle is back under control.
  • To prevent skidding, choose third or fourth gear when driving downhill.
  • Keep to main roads as they are more likely to be gritted and will be patrolled by police.

Stuck in snow?

  • Whatever you do, don’t continue to spin your wheels; you’ll just find yourself in a deeper rut. It is worth noting that excessively spinning the wheels can result in damage to the tyres. In a worst-case scenario, wheel-spinning can cause a tyre to burst.
  • If possible, pour sand, salt or gravel around the drive wheels to give them something to grab onto and improve traction.
  • Put an old rug/carpet in front of the driving wheels – again, this will give the tyres something to grip onto.
  • To clear a pathway, shovel snow away from the wheels and out from under the car.

If you think you have anymore valuable tips for driving in winter conditions, please let us know. We’d love to hear your comments.


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  1. Actually, driving TOO slow is not good advice either. Maintain a constant, steady speed and try not to stop unless you really have to – it’s getting going again that’s usually the problem. I’ve seen people holding their cars on a hill in traffic and slipping all over the place trying to get going again. Just wait at the bottom until you’ve got a clear run to the top and maintain a steady speed up there – if you feel yourself start to slip, steer in the direction you want to go and maintain throttle, do NOT brake. If you do get stuck and can’t seem to move anywhere, remove the mat from your boot and put it in front of the driven wheels. This should give you enough traction to get out of the ‘rut’ – might not leave the mat in a good way though!!

  2. Simple! Drive slowly. I’ve seen idiots driving at speed in snow and it’s not on. It’s fine if you want to kill yourself but always remember that you might take others with you.

  3. i think a good tip is when your stuck in snow and you cant move forwards no matter what and wheels are just spinning, try selecting reverse gear and turning wheels slightly and applying only slight pressure on accelerater, this seems to work all the time