Don’t be a dipstick – remember to check your oil levels

Brits should remember to check their oil levels with a dipstick in time for National Oil Check Day, which this year falls on July 25th.

The occasion is the brainchild of car care company Comma, which is urging people to remember that they are risking serious damage to their cars and "four-figure repair bills" by not keeping an eye on their oil level.

Research conducted by Comma discovered that three quarters of motorists wrongly depend on the dashboard’s oil warning light as a reminder to top up their engine.

In fact, the oil warning light is normally activated when the levels are so low that serious mechanical damage is likely to occur.

Alarmingly only one in four could correctly state that it is standard manufacturer advice to stop immediately when this happens and switch the engine off without delay.

A third would continue their journey until they could remedy the situation, despite the risk of blowing the engine altogether!

All this could be avoided by carrying out the ‘dipstick test’ to check their oil level every month, something that only two in five drivers do.


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