Direct Line calls for further clampdown on uninsured drivers

Direct Line insurance company has urged the government to take further action to combat the threat of uninsured drivers on our roads.

New legislation came into force earlier this month which allowed judges to hand out tougher sentences for those who have caused fatalities by careless driving.

Maggie Game, head of car insurance at Direct Line, welcomed the law changes but wants them extended further.

"The law needs to hold uninsured drivers responsible for their actions before they cause fatalities on our roads," she said.

The expert is alarmed that uninsured drivers cost British society around £500 million each year and add around £30 to insured drivers’ premiums.

She commented: "Uninsured drivers must be adequately penalised for causing any type of injury to other motorists or damage to other vehicles, not just in the event of a fatality."

Not all insurance companies maintain a customer’s no claims discount if they are hit by an uninsured driver – it is a harsh fact of modern motoring that many drivers are being forced to fork out more money when they are hit by an uninsured driver.


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