Device to ‘lock out drink-drivers’

Motorists in the UK who exceed the legal alcohol limit will be prevented from starting their vehicles if they have a new device installed.

The Alcolock 500 assesses a driver’s level of inebriation once he or she gets behind the wheel, releasing an ignition lock only if they are judged to be ready to take to the road.

European legislation may now be introduced, making installation of the machinery a legal requirement for motorists.

Robert Gifford from the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety called drink-driving "a problem that needs a multiple solution".

He said: "We need new ways of dealing with the habitual offender and the Alcolock is one such solution."

According to the 1991 Road Traffic Act from the Department for Transport, drivers who are caught over the legal alcohol limit by officials are given the opportunity to attend a course of rehabilitation.


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