Current penalties for uninsured drivers are not strong enough

Not all uninsured drivers are deterred by the imposed penalties, the AA has revealed.

AA’s head of road safety Andrew Howard said that many uninsured drivers are having their cars confiscated and crushed.

The reasons for this are that some people are simply prepared to live further outside the law than most and many cars can be bought for less than their insurance policy.

Mr Howard said there were two main groups of offenders.

…you have those who are there for the economical imperative and you have those who are there because they just generally don’t comply with the law," he commented.

He added: "There is a lot of car confiscation and car crushing that goes on for uninsured drivers."

According to research provided by Direct Line uninsured drivers kill around 200 road users each year in road accidents.

In addition, only 260,000 of the 1.5 million uninsured drivers are convicted each year.

Meanwhile, research by YouGov released by found that 87 per cent of motorists believe that the government is not doing enough to prevent people from driving without insurance.


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