Credit crunch ‘hasn’t affected’ car improvements

An expert has observed that the credit crunch hasn’t altered the desire of Brits to spend money on car improvements.

Ben Chandler, reviews editor at Fast Car Magazine, pointed out that a lot of people who are into car modifying are aged 16 to 24 and "most of them live at home with their parents so they’re not really being affected by the credit crunch".

Mr Chandler is aware of the saying that if you put £3,000 into your car then you might get an extra £1,000 back.

But he is cynical about whether this really is true as "it all depends on how savvy you are".

So is car improvement a good business investment at the moment?

The expert said: "I wouldn’t say it’s not a good line of investment because it’s like playing golf; it’s something that’s a hobby.

"You’re not just putting money into the car to try and make money; you’re doing it because you love cars so it all depends if you’re getting out what you put in."


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