Cost of waste ‘small fortune for companies’

The amount of waste generated by used cars sold at auction could be affecting the total pay-put owners receive, it has been claimed.

According to British Car Auctions (BCA), sellers should be careful that there is nothing left behind that needs to be removed – at a cost to auctioneers which is then recouped from the price the vehicles brings.

BCA officials are advising that cars at the end of their life-span are checked in order to make sure there are no waste violations that could be made against the firms.

"Waste such as batteries, concrete, building rubble, rubber tyres and wood are left in vehicles. The costs of disposals can range from £75 for a small load to upwards of £250 for large loads," said Duncan Ward from the BCA.

The BCA runs more than 100 auctions each week in the UK, in addition to online sales.


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