Convertible lovers can pick up a bargain this summer

Consumers hoping to pick up a used convertible on the cheap this summer will be buoyed by the news that a record number of convertible cars on the used car market is putting downward pressure on prices.

According to Jeff Paterson, chief car editor at EurotaxGlass’s, the values of used convertibles traditionally rise between March and early June before levelling out through the period until August.

"This year and last the pattern has become very different," he explains.

"Lacklustre trade and retail demand has meant prices have been rising by half their normal level during spring and, despite the onset of warmer weather, they are now starting to slide."

As well as over-supply, Mr Paterson also blames the current economic conditions.

"The credit crunch is inevitably playing a part, and convertibles are particularly vulnerable to consumer belt-tightening as they are seen as a luxury purchase," he said.

Rising fuel costs can also be blamed, especially as the convertibles on the market are often less fuel efficient than conventional saloons and hatchbacks.


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