Continental ‘working hard’ to reduce CO2 emissions

Tyre manufacturer Continental has said that it is "hard at work" developing products that it hopes will reduce traffic-related CO2 emissions.

The company has invested in a range of technologies, including hybrid systems, optimised rolling resistance, pressure monitoring systems and engine control units.

Through the work that it has carried out over the last five years, Continental claims that it has reduced carbon emissions by more than 30 per cent per product tonne.

Manfred Wennemer, chairman of Continental’s executive board, said: "The current discussion in the European Union surrounding climate protection and the latest CO2 targets for the automotive industry underline the fact that, especially with our hybrid systems, we are offering forward-looking technology."

Dr Karl Thomas Neumann, board member for the automotive systems division, added: "A so-called mild hybrid accounts for considerable fuel savings at relatively low additional cost. It also reduces CO2 emissions, without forcing compromises in terms of performance and driving pleasure."

According to Dr Neumann, a full hybrid product can achieve fuel economies of up to 40 per cent and lower emissions.

Continental is currently in discussions with car manufacturers to develop such products.


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