‘Consumers want night vision and cruise control in their next car’

New research conducted by MSN Cars has found that night vision and adaptive cruise control are the two most in-demand pieces of technology for British drivers thinking about their next used car or new car purchase.

Almost 30,000 people took part in the survey and were offered eight different pieces of technology to choose from.

Night vision (where a car uses infra-red to sense objects) and adaptive cruise control (which keeps you a set distance from the car ahead of you) both gathered one in five of the votes.

The option of self-parking, where a car automatically reverse parks once you locate a space, was the most attractive option for 13 per cent.

Voice control also received 13 per cent of the vote while lane-keeping assistance was irresistible to four per cent.

Tom Evans, content manager of MSN Cars, said: "Our poll may also indicate that car manufacturers have a challenge in educating the public in terms of the benefits that some of these new technologies can offer in terms of convenience and safety."

Written by Roxy Moran


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