Consumers baffled by green motoring

As green motoring becomes the latest trend to enjoy a surge of popularity throughout the motor industry, many car buyers do not actually know how green their car is.

The constant advertising of a car’s green credentials may not be the best way to achieve a sale, if the latest research is to be believed.

NICE Car Company, which specialises in electric motoring, said that most driver’s would not have a clue how much CO2 their vehicle emits, meaning that it may not be a big draw for those buying a used car.

Even in London, where the congestion zone has forced drivers to think of their carbon footprint, 72 per cent of owners said they have little knowledge of tailpipe CO2.

Meanwhile, green advertising does not appear to be a good way of reaching consumers, 84 per cent of over 55s said they were confused about statements such as low carbon.
This trend was not specific to older buyers with 71 per cent of buyers aged 16-24 also confused about green advertisements.

Further research released for the British International Motor Show, revealed that 85 per cent of drivers do not even know the emissions produced by their car while 52 per cent were not even sure which tax band they fitted into.

This means that used car managers may not receive any benefits from advertising the green credentials of their cars. While statistics have shown that fuel-efficient models are becoming increasingly popular, it is likely that this demand is being driven by rising fuel prices instead of a desire for green cars.


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