Cold weather tyres ‘give more grip’

The UK’s leading tyre safety group has advised motorists on how best to get to grips with wet roads this winter.

According to TyreSafe, cold weather tyres are developed with more natural rubber which does not harden as winter tyres do.

Indeed, most regular wheels as sold with vehicles in the UK lose grip when temperatures drop to less than seven degrees C.

The body added that the amount of wear done to the tyres is up to 20 per cent less than on summer tyres and they are as quiet and comfortable as standard ones.

"TyreSafe recommends that UK drivers visit their local fast fit dealer or independent tyre retailer to discuss the option of fitting cold weather tyres for winter months," said the firm.

Meanwhile, Easier reported last week that TyreSafe has conducted a survey which shows that checking their wheels is not the priority for drivers over the winter months it should be.


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