Choosing the cheapest cover may be a false economy when driving abroad

People buying a used car with a view to motoring abroad should be aware that choosing the cheapest insurance cover may be a false economy.

Unsurprisingly, recent research undertaken by found that price remains the most important factor for 70 per cent of people shopping around for car insurance.

But spokesman Paul Baxter pointed out that some insurance providers will only cover drivers for up to three days abroad third party only, by which stage it becomes the driver’s responsibility to take out further insurance.

It is best to shop around – other insurance providers will automatically include fully comprehensive cover for up to 90 days.

Mr Baxter said: "Less expensive insurers may quote a low premium for the year, however when extra foreign cover is charged at a high rate, the savings made by drivers on the year’s premium are cancelled out by the add-on items.

"While you may think third party cover is enough, if you are involved in a shunt in a rural Spanish village, you’ll soon realise that having comprehensive cover is a necessity."


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