Changes to parking tickets

The AA has issued a statement today to highlight changes to parking regulations which will come into force after Easter, on April 1st.

Traffic wardens and parking attendants will be renamed civil enforcement officers (CEOs). Their new powers will include being able to send a ticket through the mail service if they had commenced, but not completed, recording the offence.

They can also issue tickets if people obstruct dropped kerbs, marking house driveways, or if they stop more than a half a metre away from a kerb edge – thus blocking the traffic flow.

Edmund King, AA president, said: "The changes bring some good news for motorists such as limiting wheel clamping to persistent offenders, lower fines for less serious offences, and giving the adjudicators powers to send cases back to local authorities.

"However, the last minute change in the law to allow the serving of parking tickets by post if the ticket was started is worrying. The AA believes it is crucial that a ticket is completed, not simply started, before the vehicle moves off. The civil enforcement officer will not know if the driver is a blue badge holder and the driver will not know a ticket has been issued."

Which? magazine found last year that many local councils do not contest appealed tickets and that up to two thirds of contested parking tickets are simply cancelled.


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