Cars still the number one business choice

Rising fuel prices and increasing congestion might be putting people off driving, but travel is still integral to business success, it has been claimed.

In a speech to the Institute of Travel Management ‘Wheels in Motion’ Focus Forum in Canary Wharf De Vere today (June 19th), Elizabeth Dainton, research development manager the Royal Automobile Club Foundation, will emphasise the importance to business travel to profitable companies.

Largely basing her theory on the inadequacy of public transport, Ms Dainton will highlight the popularity of the car amongst the business class despite the current challenges facing the motoring industry.

"Our research finds that business travel is essential to effective and efficient business operations," she will say.

"Small medium enterprises are leading the way when it comes to pioneering more sustainable ways of getting from A to B, but it must be recognised that the car will continue to play a vital role for business due to the flexibility and convenience it provides."

RAC Foundation research shows that businesspeople travel one and a half times round the globe over the course of a working life.


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