Car supermarkets ‘spoiled by wrong reputation’

Pushy sales staff and bargain-hunter myths are influencing the popular perception of the car supermarket, according to an industry body.

Motorpoint has commented that these stereotypes have all but disappeared.

The company said that it has employed a vast number of female salespeople in addition to improved staff training to ensure customers are not hassled into a purchase.

John Hood, Motorpoint general manager, stated that both sexes have different priorities and that this area is a "key priority" for the firm

"We have put specific procedures in place to make sure the customer does not feel intimidated, which is something you may find with other mainstream retailers," he said.

On its company website, Motorpoint states that its mission since it was established in 1998 was to change the way people in the UK purchase vehicles.

The organisation added that it has saved its customers some £54 million.


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