Car owners short-changed by services

Motorists who take their pride and joy to be serviced could be paying well over the odds for the work carried out on their car, despite increased competition in the market, new research reveals.

Car maintenance company has been comparing the costs of car services at a variety of different centres across the UK – and an alarming disparity came to light.

Four types of service centre were involved in the study – franchised dealers, independent garage chains, independent specialists and Fast Fit centres – with prices found to vary by more than 200 per cent in some cases.

Londoners were landed with the biggest bills, paying an average of 38 per cent more than their Glasgow counterparts.

The ability of independent garages to carry out work previously reserved to dealers came about through a change to European law which brought down the restrictions.

While this gives car owners increased choice and more options, driving down prices in the process, the fact they can still be caught out shows the need to shop around.


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