Car colour has ‘a big impact’ on re-sale value

An expert has urged Brits to have a good think about the value of the car they are buying as it will have a big impact on the car’s re-sale value.

Alan Senior, a used car valuations expert with HPI, is aware that silver has become a favourite choice over recent years.

But he warned that this could mean that the colour might soon be out of favour for those wanting something different, as too many of the same colour models can lead to over-saturation in the market.

Mr Senior said: “As with clothes, black is probably the safest option, as it always seems to find a buyer no matter what make or model.

"The latest trend for white is in many ways similar to yellow or bright green; you either love or hate it, so take this into consideration."

The used car expert also pointed out that some colours work well on sporty models, but are "bad news" on larger saloons or hatchbacks.

Written by James Christie


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