Car ‘best place to sing’

Motorists looking to improve their vocal performance may benefit most from practising in the car, a new study shows.

According to research from Vauxhall Motors and Dr Stuart Colam from Arup Acoustics, 87 per cent of people in the UK admit to singing behind the wheel.

However, 58 per cent said that they cannot hold a note to save their lives.

Dr Colam, together with vocal coach Clive Brown, has offered tips which include keeping the windows closed and singing at the windscreen – which will give support to voices.

"The combination of sound absorbing surfaces and sound reflecting surfaces, together with good sound insulation from the windows enables songsters to sing with confidence," said Dr Colam.

Meanwhile, Israeli researchers at the Ben-Gurion University have found that motorists who listen to fast music in their cars often drive too quickly as a result, possibly risking accidents.


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