Can there be too much information?

Motorists need to understand the benefits of new technology to fully take advantage of useful safety measures rather than gadgets, the Intelligent Transport System 2008 (ITS08) conference heard at the Barbican in London yesterday.

According to the RAC, 58 per cent of drivers believe that in-car technology makes driving safer, but 71 per cent of drivers believe the complexity of modern vehicles means new technology would have to be better explained to them – and 14 per cent say that it is a distraction.

Road planners also need to know which safety measures and environmentally protective systems will emerge from all of the vehicle manufacturers.

Elizabeth Dainton, research development manager for the RAC Foundation, said: "Modernising the transport system in the UK is crucial, and technology can play a major part in this process.

"Technological advances will improve safety, reduce environmental damage and relieve congestion – but it will not be a magic bullet for solving all of the country’s transport problems. The willingness of the public to accept new technology, and the support of politicians to carry forward initiatives are essential if we are to maintain an efficient fleet both now and in the future."

The RAC predict that by 2041 there will be 38 per cent more journeying to plan for.


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