Bumpers ‘costing £2 billion per year in repairs’

People in the UK are paying out more than £2 billion each year in insurance claims due to ineffective bumper design, it has been claimed.

According to Thatcham, it would only take a six mph crash to write off vehicles at the front and rear because of this.

The group added that with 85 per cent of car insurance claims stemming from slow speed collisions, this could prove to be a problem for motorists.

Matthew Avery, research manager at the company, commented that "this is a ridiculous state of affairs".

He added: "If only motorists could see for themselves the limited protection that some bumper systems are giving their vehicles, they might not buy them in the first place."

Thatcham is a company which provides services and products for the motor repair and insurance sectors. It also aims to improve safety and security.


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