Brits ‘unprepared’ for wintry conditions

With parts of the UK still suffering from the effects of this week’s inclement weather, Kwik-Fit has claimed that many motorists leave themselves unprepared for driving in wintry conditions.

According to the company’s research, one in four drivers, or 7.5 million people, have broken down at some point during the winter months.

In spite of the risk of being stranded in hostile weather, 16 per cent of car owners fail to keep emergency equipment in their car.

Some 79 per cent of people do not take an extra set of warm clothing with them, 65 per cent fail to keep a warning triangle in their car, 64 per cent neglect to bring a bottle of water on journeys and 53 per cent do not bother taking a warm blanket.

David White, customer services director at Kwik-Fit, said: "Carrying essential survival items such as warm clothes, extra food and drink can make lengthy waits in the cold weather safer and more comfortable.

"A little planning and forethought can make a big difference, for example, having a mobile phone charger in the car at all times will prevent motorists that need to make emergency phonecalls from being caught out and enable them to keep in touch with concerned friends and family."

Among the other items that Kwik-Fit recommends motorists take with them is a torch, matches or a lighter and non-perishable food.


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