Brits ‘get the horn over 30 billion times per year’

Most people on UK roads are regularly in violation of the Highway Code by using their car horn in an inappropriate manner, according to new research.

Impolite driving is the main reason why most choose to sound their frustration, with 70 per cent of 1,000 respondents questioned by esure citing it as the main reason they honk.

Some 37 per cent stated that they become angry when beeped, with 30 per cent commented that they become stressed.

It may be that such behaviour causes motorists to become irrational and perform dangerous stunts on the road.

"Being beeped at enrages motorists because it calls their competence as a driver into question. It is an aggressive violation, which transgresses the bounds of civility while sharing the public roadways with others," said Professor Steve Stradling, the man behind the research.

Meanwhile, Department for Transport figures show that 3,150 people were killed on UK roads during 2006.


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