Brits ‘aren’t doing their homework’ before buying a used car

New research from esure car insurance seems to suggest that Brits aren’t doing their homework before buying a used car.

The poll found that 64 per cent of motorists are looking to buy a used rather than a new car next time they are in the market for one.
But surprisingly, given the current poor economic climate, only 68 per cent of motorists intend to haggle over the price tag of a new or used car.

A worryingly carefree attitude exists among the 68 per cent of motorists who claim that they don’t do any research at all on finance deals available to them when buying a car – such as examining the best rates on loans or credit cards.

The fairer sex are the worst offenders at not doing their homework – 72 per cent of those women confess to never doing their sums or their homework beforehand, compared to 64 per cent of men.

Only 13 per cent of motorists invest more than a couple of hours in locating the best-value finance option before signing on the dotted line and getting the keys to their new car.

Mike Pickard of esure car insurance commented: "Whether it’s bargaining on the forecourt or shopping around for the right finance package or insurance cover, an hour or two of researching at home can make a real difference to your wallet."

The new ’58’ registration plate will be launched on the first day of September and is likely to boost sales of both new and used cars.


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