Brits advised to ‘adjust their driving’ in foggy conditions

Over 50s insurer Rias has urged British drivers to be aware of the perils of driving in foggy conditions and to adjust their road behaviour accordingly.

It is a timely reminder as the Met Office is forecasting light winds, low temperatures, clear skies and long nights – the perfect recipe for fog.

Fog is dangerous because of its random nature; it can be very localised or widespread, stay for a long time or drift away as rapidly as it appeared.

Freezing fog is an especially hazardous as it can lead to icy road surfaces and skidding cars.

Which is why Rias has drawn up a list of fog dos and don’ts.

One recommendation is to "never hang on to someone else’s tail lights". Ignore this advice and you can find that you have a shock when the car in front suddenly performs an emergency stop.

The insurance company also advises drivers to closely monitor their speed as "fog can give the impression of slow motion in oncoming traffic".

Written by Trevor Coffee


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