Brits admit to bad driving habits

New research conducted by Sainsbury’s Car Insurance has uncovered the bad habits of British drivers.

The survey found that 65 per cent of motorists have engaged in some form of potentially dangerous activity whilst driving in the last month, three per cent more than did so in June 2007.

Eating and drinking whilst driving is the most common dangerous habit, with 41 per cent of motorists confessing to having done this during June.

Driving whilst feeling tired (28 per cent) was not far behind in second place, though this is six per cent lower than last year’s figure.

Wearing flip flops or no shoes while driving (18 per cent) was worryingly common while 17 per cent admitted to excessive speeding.

The new laws cracking down on the illegal activity of using a hands-free mobile while driving didn’t deter 14 per cent of motorists from doing just that – 11 per cent also texted while behind the wheel.

Men are the worst (or most honest) drivers when it comes to admitting bad driving habits. An estimated 10.8 million male drivers embarked on some form of dangerous activity in June compared to roughly 8.3 million female drivers.


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