Britons say 4×4 drivers ‘need permits’

The introduction of permits for 4×4 drivers may not "so far off", according to a spokesperson for Virgin Money Car Insurance.

Jason Wyer-Smith said that with more people becoming eco-conscious and considering the effect of car emissions upon the ozone layer, 4×4 vehicles are being targeted as part of the drive.

Research carried out by the group also shows that 57 per cent of people in central Scotland are keen to see the introduction of permits for 4x4s – the largest proportion in the UK.

Just under half of Londoners would like to see such a permit introduced, while 48 per cent of people in the Midlands agree with its introduction, the lowest figure in the country.

"Permits to own 4x4s sound draconian but with Local Authorities increasingly using punitively priced parking permits to try to curb their use, perhaps the introduction of the 4×4 ownership permit isn’t so far off," said Mr Wyer-Smith.


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