British drivers request faster speed limits

More than 70 per cent of British motorists admit to breaking the speed limit on around a quarter of all journeys.

Sixty per cent of motorists say that the 70 miles per hour speed limit is simply too slow, according to a survey of 680 drivers carried out by RoadPilot.

James Flynn OBE, CEO of RoadPilot, commented: "The research shows that speeding, particularly on motorways, is a common vice among UK motorists.

"Given the number of people that admit to speeding on a regular basis, and that there are more than 10,000 fixed and frequently-used mobile speed camera sites on UK roads, there is potentially a very large number of people in danger of being fined, incurring penalty points or even losing their licences."

The firm recommends the use of their RoadPilot microGo speed camera which warns drivers of approaching cameras.

The device can also display the vehicle’s precise speed more accurately than a speedometer can which helps drivers adhere to local speed limits, RoadPilot claim.


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  1. Keith Campion on

    I feel that speed limits shold be variable to road conditions i.e. inbusy times or bad weather conditions 40 may be fast enough, but when it is quiet could not 90 be acceptable?. Having said that regular retesting for your driving licence is very necessary inthis country as it is self financing why not?