British drivers are trying to cut out their ‘guilt’ trips

Recent research has found that hard-up British drivers are desperately trying to cut down on their ‘guilt trips’ – car journeys of less than 1km.

According to a survey from Abbey, UK drivers make an average of two of these so-short-it’s-hardly-worth-it trips each week and 54 per cent feel guilty about doing so.

Shamefully, more than 13 per cent of motorists make six or more short trips.

But hope for the future does exist. Two-thirds of motorists say that they have made a concerted effort to reduce the use of their car to offset rising household bills.

Almost half (49 per cent) say they are doing so by replacing short car trips with long walks or using more public transport.

One in five (20 per cent) are trying to avoid unnecessary journeys altogether.

Callum Gibson of Abbey said: "For some the ‘guilt’ in the ‘guilt trips’ is to do with their carbon footprint, for others, it’s about the cost of making those trips."

Written by Jeremy Hammond


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  1. I retired a year ago (aged 58) and when informed thinking my car had undertaken low mileage. The mechanic said ” That one in the corner has only done 600 miles…” I shop on two feet mostly with another eight paws occasionaly into nearby city centre and also occasionally with my bicycles (like dutch…) and trailers, I can walk to out of town stores knowing things bulky can be delivered and if not competitive priced I can resort to websites such as ebay or have my groceries delivered… leaving me with car for odd leisure journey’s but I now find the bus/taxi is just as convenient … YES! I would like to keep my car paying road tax same as anyone doing ??? but at least come financial restraints in helping my family/grandchildren/redundant son I have no worries come the breakers crunch! Ouch! Safety worries on bike/pavements yes…some motorists seem more alert at their mobile than driving which is’nt the same as decades ago – now just long and longer jams.