Brit drivers going green ‘to stop going into the red’

An expert has observed that Brits are increasingly favouring environmentally-friendly cars in an effort to reduce their rising motoring costs.

New research from esure car insurance has revealed that 71 per cent of British motorists would consider driving an electric car because of ‘green issues’.

But money seems to be the main motivation for the majority of people involved in the poll – 65 per cent of drivers questioned have changed their attitude towards driving because of the credit crunch.

Almost one in five (17 per cent) are thinking about changing their car to one that is more fuel-efficient.

A further 14 per cent claimed they would consider making a change if the current level of inflation continues and fuel prices continued to rocket at their current rate.

Mike Pickard, head of risk and underwriting at esure car insurance, said: "With the growing cost of motoring, many motorists are considering alternatives and the electric car is an attractive option.

"It is very cheap to run and you’ll never be stung at the petrol pump again."

It is a fact that is having an impact on the used car industry as more second-hand buyers look for fuel efficient cars.


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