Breakdowns on the cards for British motorists

According to Car Parts Direct, a firm that specialises in mail order claims, more motorists are expected to suffer from car breakdowns over the winter as fewer vehicles have been serviced.

Research from the company found that nearly 40 per cent of motorists had not had their vehicles checked as frequently as recommended, while 16 per cent had failed to check elements such as tyre pressure and oil levels for six months. In addition, there has been an increase in the number of older vehicles on the road as people are less willing to spend money on a new car against a background of economic turbulence.

Mark Cornwall, of Car Parts Direct, said: "Motorists are working on the assumption that if their car is not broken why fix it? – and it’s a false economy."

Mr Cornwall added that vehicles normally break down because they haven’t been serviced for a while, and breakdowns are more likely to happen in colder weather and afflict older cars.

According to Which? News, Green Flag has reported a sharp rise in the number of breakdowns since the recent cold weather gripped the UK.


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