‘Brakes should be upgraded’

Motorists should have their brakes upgraded before they take to the road in wet conditions, according to a vehicle accessories firm.

Car Parts Direct has commented that the installation of improved performance brake discs is a good way to avoid accidents in such weather.

Spokesperson for the company Mark Cornwall states that he "regularly" hears from customers whose brakes have given up on them.

The expert added that removing moisture from brake pads can help reduce the risk of ‘brake fade’, where the safety features fails to work effectively.

He said: "It’s often described as a heart stopping and frightening experience as it normally occurs when trying to brake after driving quite fast."

Road deaths in the UK went down last year compared to figures from 2005, according to statistics recorded by the Department for Transport.

The government body states that there were 3,150 fatalities over the course of 2006, against 3,201 the year before.


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