Behind The Scenes at Fast & Furious 6

fft6_fordescortDescribed as the loudest film franchise EVER to hit the big screen, The Fast & The Furious 6 roars into multiplexes across the country in May. While, clearly, the film brings together the cream of the world’s acting talent (Jason ‘Transporter’ Statham, Vin ‘Riddick’ Diesel, Dwayne ‘Scorpion King’ Johnson, Paul ‘Fast & Furious’ Walker, Michelle ‘Lost’ Rodriguez and Gina ‘Haywire’ Carano), the real stars of the show are the cars. It’s always about the cars.

Set across Europe, and in the good and fair city of London, TFF6 brings high-octane mayhem to the nation’s capital in a cavalcade of incredible cars. takes a look at some of Fast & Furious 6’s rides shows you a few behind-the-scenes clips of one of 2013 most eagerly anticipated thrill rides…

Since 1962, the Ford Mustang has yelled AMERICA!!! at anyone with ears. The original ‘pony’ (long hood, short tail), the Mustang is 100% American beef. 22,000 were sold on its first day of release, in the first year (1964) almost half a million were on the streets, rising to over two million by its second year! The Mustang was, of course, made super-sexy-famous by Steve McQueen in the film Bullitt (a 1968 Ford Mustang 390 GT 2+2 Fastback).

Vin Diesel is doing everything he can to remove The General Lee from the motoring world’s consciousness as he takes his truly beautiful Dodge Charger Daytona to the streets of London.

There’s a Dodge Challenger SRT-8 muscle car in FF6 – check out the vid on location in Tenerife.

The-tuned suspension, a Hemi V8 (producing 470 hp) and those beautiful vintage looks – the SRT-8 is $40,000 of athletic power.

The film crashes an E60-gen BMW M5…

which is clearly criminal. The car has a 4999 cc V10 S85 engine for goodness sake! At the time of launch, the car was the world’s quickest four door saloon. Now it’s just a pile of rubble…

There’s something beautifully feminine about the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, the car made famous by Uma Thurman’s, frankly puzzling, eurotrash ad.

Nice to see The Fast & Furious filmmakers being true to a bit of British driving heritage in the shape of the Ford Escort RS1600 MK1…

Made between 1968 and 1974, the iconic RS1600 MK1 housed a 16V Cosworth engine built in Sussex – perfect for rallying. Think of it as a British, understated, version of those flashy Dodges…

Paul Walker will, once again, be driving a Nissan GT-R.

The GT-R has had all sorts of sills, trims and spoiler nonsense added to it – as well as being tuned to offer a terrifying 800bhp and fuelled by a pocket-crushing 100 octane petrol.

The most beautiful car on set? For us, it’s got to be the Jenson Interceptor.

Another British car, built in the Midlands between 1950 and 1976, the Interceptor houses a V8 Chrysler and as much style as its possible to throw at a car. Check out the beautiful curving rear and the gorgeous chrome-lined windows.

This has got to be the star of Fast and Furious Six, let’s hear from another one…here’s Vin Diesel on set.

Fast and Furious Six opens in the UK on May 24th.


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