Bad news for drivers born in December

New research examining the link between the day you were born and how risky a driver you are has come up with some bad news for those born in December.

Hard-working researchers employed by insurance provider referenced the number of drivers’ claims, speeding offences and traffic offences with their dates of birth and identified the birth dates of motorists most likely to have an accident or driving conviction.

December was the only month to feature three times in the top ten of birthdates most likely to pop up on insurance claim forms.

December 24th (third most common), December 9th (fourth) and December 18th (ninth, Keith Richards’ birthday) were the dates in question.

September 16th finished top of the poll of unluckiest birthdates for drivers. The safest birthdate for drivers seems to be May 31st.

Being born on the first day of a month seems to be some kind of guarantee that you can avoid accidents. The first day of February, March, August and September all appeared in the top ten of safe driving birthdates.

Written by James Christie


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