Around the world in 20 ways

Commuting to work by car, trips to the supermarket and even going on a UK holiday total up to 8,756 miles every year. If you pass your driving test aged 17 and keep your licence until age 75, that totals 507,833 miles or the circumference of the world over 20 times.

And despite the calls for car-sharing, almost three quarters of motorists said that they prefer to drive alone, as a chance to think.

Two-thirds of drivers have had an argument with their passenger in the car, and most of people say that the row was about navigating and directions.

Debra Williams, managing director of, said: "We all have to get from A to B but it’s amazing to see how many miles we clock up in our lifetimes.

"Contrary to popular belief, the more miles you drive, typically the lower your car insurance. Those clocking up over 25,000 miles a year will save around £80.00 on their insurance premium compared to those driving only 12,000 per year."

The traditional notion of the man being the driver has also taken a knock – although women still only clock three-quarters of the mileage of their male counterparts, the statistics for 1995 for driving deaths per million miles show that men are killed in just under three accidents whereas women are killed in under two – so it can be argued that women really are safer behind the wheel.


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