Army officers, circus workers and masseurs ‘more likely to speed’

Research carried out seems to suggest that people with so-called high pressure jobs are more likely to speed.

The price comparison expert looked at 12 million insurance quotes to reach the conclusion and found that an army officer belongs to the profession most likely to exceed the speed limit (26 per cent admit to doing so).

Surgeons (23 per cent) are also slapdash about watching the speedometer, while 19 per cent of circus workers admit to being a clown and walking the high wire of risking a speeding fine.

Surprisingly 20 per cent of masseurs confess to speeding when they put their calming hands on the steering wheel.

Cobblers are far more sensible, as only 3.79 per cent put their well-shoed feet down on the accelerator excessively, while only five per cent of laundry workers are likely to be taken to the cleaners by insurance companies for ignoring the limit.

Tobacconists are the most mellow profession when it comes to observing the most important part of the Highway Code. Only one per cent risk watching their no-claims bonus go up in smoke by incurring the attention of a speed camera.

Written by James Christie


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