Are Knight Rider and the Sweeney to blame for our reckless driving?

A new survey conducted by price comparison expert has posed the question of whether films and TV adversely influence our driving habits.

The answer, among 17-24-year-olds at least, seems to be yes, with 23 per cent claiming that they have picked up bad driving habits from films such as Casino Royale and the Italian Job – which ends with a van containing gold bullion hanging off a cliff.

Londoners seem particularly fond of imitating the stunt driving they see at their local cinemas – 18 per cent claim that watching films has a direct impact on their driving styles compared to only two per cent from other regions.

Will Thomas, head of car insurance at, warned: "Driving dangerously not only has serious safety implications, but it can also have a huge impact on drivers’ premiums."

Many examples of irresponsible driving can be seen on TV shows such as The Sweeney, repeats of which are currently being screened on UK Gold.

Written by James Christie


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