Any colour so long as it is not black?

British Car Auctions (BCA) has discovered that car colour can influence the attractiveness of a used vehicle, with blue topping the list of the most desirable.

They say, however, that there are many more factors which are given a much higher priority, such as price, in over half of cases, with a third of people asking for low mileage.

Savvy owners have also done their research, with two of every five used car buyers already knowing which make and model they wish to buy.

"Colour becomes important to professional buyers once the other factors are satisfied and while there are no hard and fast rules, the colour needs to match the car," says BCA’s UK operations director Simon Henstock.

"Sports models can carry off bright aggressive colours with ease – think Ferrari red or Lamborghini yellow – but also work with a range of more mainline metallic shades – silvers, greys, blacks and, of course, the famous British racing green.

"As a general rule, good metallic colours always sell well, particularly when paired with a decent set of alloy wheels. And underlining the growing numbers of women buying used cars, we are also seeing softer colours and finishes such as lilac, mauve and pearlescent becoming more popular."

New car buyers are advised that their car will depreciate less if they chose their car colour wisely.


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