Animal-related patrol call-outs ‘common’ for the RAC

The RAC has revealed that 71 per cent of patrol call-out staff have attended a breakdown involving a pet, wild animal or bird.

Dogs are often to blame for these call outs as they have a habit of using their paws to lock their owners out of the car while on garage forecourts.

Erik Nelson, spokesperson for the RAC, believes that ‘prevention is better than cure’ when it comes to reducing pet-related motoring mishaps.

He said: "We sell all kinds of items to keep your pets secure when travelling with them, like doggy seat belts. Pets are like passengers in the vehicle, they need to be treated appropriately so they remain safe and you remain safe while driving."

Wild behaviour isn’t just confined to the animal kingdom. Almost one in three (31 per cent) of patrol officers have experienced encountering amorous couples on arrival at a breakdown scene.

Helping deliver babies and get members to weddings on time are also part of the RAC officer’s varied job description.

Written by Tony Snow


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